A few of the items from the A Rocha Buck Creek/CANFOR hatchery online auction. (Buck Creek/CANFOR hatchery photo)

Online auction spurs hatchery addition

Completion goal set for next spring

  • Dec. 9, 2020 12:00 a.m.

An online auction two weekends ago has helped the A Rocha Buck Creek CANFOR hatchery continue to raise money to complete its nature centre addition.

“We had 83 items in auction and raised $2,300! It was amazing,” said A Rocha Houston coordinator Cindy Verbeek.

The money raised means mudding and taping, painting and flooring can now be done.

Next steps are to complete electrical work and heating with spring set for landscaping and decking, said Verbeek.

The goal is to have the addition completed for a grand opening April 22, Earth Day.

Opened in 2017, the hatchery building supports the ongoing efforts to boost salmon stocks in the Upper Bulkley system. The hatchery operates through the Bulkley Valley Streamkeepers group and the building, on land donated by Canfor, replaces a shed and tent.

Planning then began for an addition to increase the hatchery’s ability to host education projects.

Work started on the addition featuring both an indoor space and a covered outdoor space began in June.

A successful grant application submitted earlier this year also means it’ll generate some of its own power needs through solar panels.

That grant application was made to the Farm Credit Canada’s Agrispirit program and is worth $25,000.

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