Notice given to unsightly Enderby premises

Council in process of amending Good Neighbour bylaw; property owners served compliance order would have four days to clean up

Notice given to unsightly Enderby premises

Enderby council is considering a friendly nudge to neighbours with unsightly premises.

Council gave three readings to a Good Neighbour Bylaw amendment that would see a property owner be required to remedy the unsightly nature of the property, or other non-compliance with the Good Neighbour bylaw, within four days of the delivery of notice.

The current notice is 14 days.

“We think this is a good move,” said Mayor Greg McCune, adding there are a couple of properties in the city that are of huge concern.

When the city receives a complaint about at unsightly property, Commissionaires follow up on the complaint and the property owner in question would receive a compliance letter from the city three-to-four days after the complaint, stating they have 14 days to clean up the property.

If the complaint isn’t cleared up within the two weeks, the city may carry out the work required to bring the property up to reasonable standard, with the property owner on the hook for the work costs.

If the bylaw amendment passes, delinquent owners will now have four days to clear things up.

The penalty amount for infractions would also be significantly increased with the bylaw amendment.

Penalty amounts for repeat offenders would rise from $100 to $500 (though it would be dropped to $400 if paid within 30 days).

The city’s Good Neighbour bylaw is designed to protect and improve the quality of life for its residents, promote civic responsibility among property owners and encourage good relationships between neighbours.


Vernon Morning Star