Notes from West Kelowna Nov. 4 council meeting

Lakeview development includes phased construction of four commercial buildings and a new 17-unit multiple family residential building.

  • Nov. 13, 2014 9:00 a.m.

Lakeview Village – Anders and Ollala Roads

West Kelowna council approved a Commercial Development Permit to facilitate the demolition and phased redevelopment of a new shopping centre and 17-unit multiple family residential building at 851 Anders Rd. at its regular council meeting Nov. 4.

The regular council meeting, held Nov. 4, heard the existing shopping centre on the site is located approximately 300 metres east of the intersection of Boucherie and Anders Road and 90 metres from the Lakeview Heights Community Hall.

The application is generally consistent with the Commercial Development Permit guidelines contained in the District’s Official Community Plan and the design is responsive to feedback received from both District of West Kelowna staff and Lakeview Heights residents. The development includes demolition of existing buildings, phased construction of four commercial buildings with a total combined floor area of 49,900 square feet and construction of a new 17-unit multiple family residential building.

The building design includes a variety of architectural detailing and pedestrian-oriented elements and is reflective of the neighbourhood character of Lakeview Heights.

Improvements would include full urban upgrades to Anders and Olalla Roads and would trigger an upgrade to an existing water main from Skyline Road to the subject property.


Hillside Development Standards

Council gave first three readings to a Works and Services Amendment Bylaw to add Hillside Development Standards. The standards provide design criteria and requirements to promote sustainable hillside development in order to reduce impacts to the natural environment. The draft bylaw will now be scheduled for adoption at a future West Kelowna council meeting.


Pritchard Canal Water Use Zone

Council adopted Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 154.13 that rezones Pritchard Canal from P1 Parks and Open Space to W4 Pritchard Canal Water Use Zone. The W4 zone addresses Pritchard Canal’s uniqueness as a privately held waterway and permits water-based recreational activities, docks, wharves, boat lifts and moorage for the use of the private properties along the canal.


Tallus Ridge Development

Council adopted an Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw Amendment for the remaining lands within the Tallus Ridge neighbourhood to a mix of park and open space, compact, housing, single family residential, low density multiple family and medium density multiple family.


West Bay Road ALR Exclusion

Council agreed to support a request to exclude a portion of 3745 West Bay Rd., also known as West Bay Beach Resort, from the Agricultural Land Reserve and directed staff to provide the Agricultural Land Commission with a report for consideration.

The property was excluded from the ALR in 2009 on certain conditions which were not met within the time limit and the application expired.

The 8.9-hectare property, entirely within the ALR, is split zoned Agricultural (A1) and Campground, Cabin and Motel Commercial (C5). A rezoning application is in-stream to rezone the C5 zone to Comprehensive Development Zone (CD-7), currently on hold. Waterfront portions of two adjacent properties were previously approved for exclusion from the ALR.

The proposal for the property maintains 6.1 hectares for active farmland.



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