Non-emergency 911 calls dominate week

An unusually high number of 911 calls, only a few for actual emergencies, kept Creston police busy last week.

An unusually high number of 911 calls, only a few for actual emergencies, kept police busy last week, RCMP Staff Sgt. Darryl Hammond said on Monday. In total, police responded to 64 calls for service from January 16-22, he said.

January 16

•An 84-year-old male died suddenly in his Crawford Bay home.

•When police responded to a report that an elderly male on a mobility scooter was stuck in the snow on Northwest Boulevard he was not located.

•A wallet containing no ID was left at a Pine Street business. It is at the police station.

•Police were asked to check on an elderly Cook Street female resident, who had been without water service for three days after the pipes froze. They learned that Town of Creston works superintendent Ferd Schmidt had arranged for a local plumber to attend to the problem.

“Kudos to Ferd for going above and beyond the call of duty,” Hammond said.

•Police determined that a report of an impaired driver on 7th Avenue was unfounded.

•A female who made another in a series of non-emergency 911 calls from 10th Avenue South was arrested for public mischief.

January 17

•A vehicle collided with a deer on Highway 3 at Veale Road.

•A complaint about “indecent personal communications” was received from 10th Avenue North.

•A 911 call regarding parent-child issues was made from Wynndel.

•A dispute between neighbours on Highway 3A led to a complaint of threats and intimidation.

•When police responded to a complaint about a female she responded by making a complaint about police for questioning her.

•A 911 call from Riondel was attributed to a line error.

January 18

•Police were called to assist ambulance personnel with an emergency call in Crawford Bay.

•On the way to that call officers discovered a vehicle had gone off Highway 3A near Sirdar.

•An unwanted guest was reported to be intimidating personnel at the Visitor Centre.

•A Highway 21 resident reported two missing persons after the adults did not return home from a party the previous evening. Police learned they were snowed in and awaiting the snowplow.

•A 911 call was made accidentally while a mother was teaching her children how to make emergency calls.

•When police responded to a disturbance inside a residence they found the entire group was intoxicated.

January 19

•A minor hit and run was reported in a Canyon Street parking lot. The suspect was located and denied responsibility, but agreed to pay for the damage.

•A civil dispute over a bill for services provided was reported on Canyon Street.

•Ammunition was turned into the police station for destruction.

•A 911 call from Erickson was attributed to a phone problem.

•Threats over the custody of children on Simon Road were reported.

•A vehicle stunting in the Millennium Park parking lot was stopped by police. The driver was issued a ticket and the vehicle was towed because it was uninsured.

•A possibly impaired driver was reported on Northwest Boulevard but not located.

•Two vehicles were reported to be doing donuts on snowy 7th Avenue. One driver was located and warned.

January 20

•A person on 7th Avenue South was found to be in breach of no contact conditions.

•A male with a handgun was reported to be hiding in bushes near the Rykerts border crossing. He was arrested and dealt with by US border personnel.

•A person banned from the Community Complex was instructed to leave.

•A break-in was reported in Erickson.

January 21

•A 911 call for medical help was received from Ash Street.

•A wallet found on Northwest Boulevard was returned to the owner.

•A 6th Avenue South resident reported finding a strange vehicle in the driveway. The driver told police he was using the driveway to turn around.

•An 8-year-old in Canyon dialed 911 from a payphone as a joke.

•Another 911 call for medical help was taken by police, this time from Cavell Street.

•A male who allegedly sucker punched another male, possibly fracturing his jaw, after a hockey game at the Community Complex was arrested the following morning, but not before he attempted to flee. He was caught and now faces charges of being in breach of conditions, aggravated assault and escaping lawful custody.

January 22

•A vehicle fire was reported on 11th Avenue South at Erickson Road. Later in the morning, the vehicle’s owner reported it had been stolen.

•A marijuana grow op was reported in Riondel.

•A person dialed 911 in an attempt to get his friend into an alcohol treatment program. The caller was also intoxicated.

•Police attended a Centre Road residence to keep the peace while a person retrieved belongings.

•A young male who attempted to break up a dogfight on Crawford Street had his fingertip bitten off. The investigation continues.

•A 13-year-old female was taken into custody after assaulting a family member.



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