The new rest area will be located 45 kms east of Burns Lake. (Flickr photo)

The new rest area will be located 45 kms east of Burns Lake. (Flickr photo)

New rest area on Highway 16 between Vanderhoof and Burns Lake

The Savory Rest Area cost $2.3 million and construction began in August 2019.

  • Jun. 19, 2020 12:00 a.m.

People travelling between Vanderhoof and Burns Lake on Highway 16 will soon have access to a new rest area, as part of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s 170 rest areas located across B.C.

The Savory Rest Area will officially open next week and will be located about 45 kms east of Burns Lake, stated a June 19 press release from the Ministry.

This project cost $2.3 million, and construction for it began in August last year. Other than the construction of the new rest area, work had to be done to widen Highway 16 at that spot by approximately 420 metres to accommodate a deceleration lane and create a left-hand turn into the rest area.

The Ministry said that Savory Rest Area has been installed to serve people travelling westbound, as there is already a spot for people travelling eastbound, located 15 kms east of Burns Lake called the Tintagel Rest Area.

Claire Trevana, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure said, “Through the COVID-19 pandemic, the province’s transportation network has been critical to keeping supply chains open, and our commercial vehicle operators have been doing a great job delivering supplies.”

Trevana added that the Ministry wanted to make sure they do everything possible to make the drive along their network “safe, reliable and comfortable for drivers.”

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