This wall at the top of I.O.D.E Park will be painted over with a mural this summer. Photo: Tyler Harper

This wall at the top of I.O.D.E Park will be painted over with a mural this summer. Photo: Tyler Harper

New downtown murals approved by council

A mural at the top of I.O.D.E Park and one on the parkade will be painted this summer

Two city-owned properties will become a little less drab this summer.

On Tuesday, city council approved a mural to be painted at the top of I.O.D.E Park and another on a wall of the parkade facing Stanley Street and an alley. The projects are part of the planned Nelson International Mural Festival, which will have its inaugural event Aug. 17 to 19.

Sydney Black, executive director of the Nelson and District Arts Council, said locations were based on factors such as visibility, accessibility and location of power lines.

“Ideally this is a festival that goes on for years to come,” she said. “We’ve identified multiple places so over the years we can have a few city-owned spaces and then accommodate private building owners as well.”

Work will begin on the murals in June, subject to final approval from the Cultural Development Committee.

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Six murals are currently planned, with the possibility that two more are added prior to the festival. The city has already committed $25,000 to the festival, and there was no debate about the proposed locations or designs by artists Kelly Shpeley and Matty Kakes.

“I think both sites could use a bit of an uplift,” said councillor Valerie Warmington. “The I.O.D.E Park, that wall is kind of plain and grey and a little colour above to frame that plaza I think would look amazing. Also the parkade is not the most attractive building in the city. That nice, blank canvas of a wall is just right there.

“There wasn’t any debate. I think we really trust our Cultural Development Committee and their choices. I personally think both murals look great and super excited to see them completed.”

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