A new bike path on Stamp Avenue will run from Redford Street to Roger Street

A new bike path on Stamp Avenue will run from Redford Street to Roger Street

New cycling infrastructure in Port Alberni underway soon

The City of Port Alberni has received a $100,000 BikeBC grant to construct a multi-use path on Stamp Avenue

Port Alberni will receive $100,000 in BikeBC funding for the Stamp Avenue Multi-Use Path.

The path will run from Redford Street to Roger Street and create a new, separated, raised, off-road path for pedestrians and cyclists away from traffic on Stamp Avenue. The project will also provide a link to the Victoria Quay carpooling location and the transit routes up Roger Street.

“This is an amazing thing that we’ve got this money,” said John Mayba, Cycle Alberni committee. “The reason it’s so important to me and I think for our Cycle Alberni committee is because that is the main thoroughfare between north and south Port.”

The new path will also work as a connector to other bike lanes in the city that are already in place.

“We’re moving into a league with the other cities on the Island and Lower Mainland because they’ve all got their cycling infrastructure,” Maybe said. “Obviously in some communities it’s much further developed than ours. But with this grant it’s going to move us quite a bit ahead.”

The BikeBC grant was obtained through the City of Port Alberni who are said to begin construction soon.

The new concrete path will be installed on the west side of Stamp Avenue, closest to Catalyst Paper, from Victoria Quay to Redford Street.

This project is part of $9.25 million in funding from the province this year for cycling infrastructure projects, including bike lanes, multi-use trails and improvements to roads and highways to improve the safety of cyclists.

“This new, separated cycling and pedestrian path along Stamp Avenue will significantly improve safety for residents and tourists using this route bordering the busy roadway,” said Todd Stone, Minister of Transportation and Infastructure.





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