New curbside recycling will be in place July 12

Mandatory curbside recycling coming soon

The Town of Golden is making recycling even easier.

With a goal of July 12, curbside recycling will be making the rounds to anyone who is currently receiving garbage pickup.

Tin cans, aluminum, newspapers and plastics are only a few of the items that people will now be able to recycle without leaving their home.

“Blue 64 gallon bins will be delivered to everyone who gets garbage pickup,” said Jon Wilsgard, manager of corporate administration. “The bins will be delivered the first week of July and will have important information in them.”

The bins, which are the property of The Town of Golden, will be paid off in increments over the next five years. The cost for curbside recycling will be approximately $52 per year, or $4.33 a month.

“The curbside recycling will become part of your utility bill. So when people come in to pay their bill in January, it will have curbside recycling on it just like garbage pickup,” added Wilsgard.

The cost of $4.33 a month should benefit taxpayers, given that a load of waste is taken to the dump, a fee is paid dependant on how much the garbage weighs. Curbside recycling should lower the amount of garbage going to the dump significantly. When the amount of waste going to the dump lowers, the weight will also lower which will result in tipping fees being reduced as well. This would result in saving to tax-payers, who currently pay $60,000 annually in tipping fees.

VP Waste will have two bin pick ups per month. Returnables are not accepted in the bins and locals can bring those items to the bottle depot. Information on what can be put in the bins and what cannot be will be mailed out.

The 64 gallon blue bins will be just like the 64 gallon green bins that are now required for garbage pick up.

The Town of Golden will be replacing any unaccepted garbage bins with the new 64 gallon green bins. Along with these new bins are rules to ensure a bear safe environment and a quicker garbage pickup.

On both bins, the lids must be completely shut with no overflowing garbage bags. VP Waste will only take one bin of garbage from your house, which means that no bags on the side will be accepted and any other type of garbage bin will not be cleaned up. For those that don’t comply, garbage pickup will simply be discontinued.

For more information on curbside recycling, call The Town of Golden. For information on pickup and collections, contact VP Waste.

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