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National Clearing House million-dollar scam alert

Another phone scam is making the rounds and the latest one involves a caller stating the person who picks up the phone has won $1.5 million from the National Clearing House.

100 Mile House resident Roberta DeCoffe received this call for the fourth time and realizing it was a scam, she played along so she could collect additional information to warn the public.

After announcing the winnings to DeCoffe, the first caller transferred the call to another person posing as a lawyer named William Victor. This “lawyer” proceeded to explain that in order to receive the winnings, taxes needed to be paid in the amount of $65,000 and a minimum of 10 per cent of these taxes to be paid before the cheque could be released from Toronto Customs.

This caller also asked numerous questions about DeCoffe’s financial situation, including bank account balances.

DeCoffe told him she didn’t have very much money, so asked her if she could afford $1,000 and that their Lend Bank International Finance Company would cover the balance until she could pay for the tax balance after receiving her winnings.

He added it was all approved by a Judge Robert Hermas.

He then explained DeCoffe needed to purchase a post office money-gram in the amount of $1,000 and send it to his friend Chriselda Asadon in Manila, Philippines for processing.

Asadon then called to confirm she had the correct physical address so she could hand deliver the cheque. She also wanted the tracking number for the money-gram and DeCoffe gave her a false one.

When they returned the call stating the tracking number was incorrect DeCoffe says replied, “How does it feel being on the other side of a scam?”

DeCoffe says she told the caller the scam was being reported to the RCMP.

The caller promptly hung up.

Monika Paterson is the Lac la Hache correspondent.


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