The project will be taking place between 5th and 6th Avenue along Broadway Street. (Google Maps)

The project will be taking place between 5th and 6th Avenue along Broadway Street. (Google Maps)

Nakusp council green-lights downtown revitalization project

Concrete sidewalks, curbs, streetlights and bus stop will now be added to downtown block

  • Aug. 19, 2020 12:00 a.m.

Some big improvements are coming to downtown Nakusp.

Village council gave the green light to start phase two of the $288,000 downtown revitalization project during a meeting on Aug. 10.

The project will see new concrete sidewalks, curbs, streetlights, four benches and two waste and recycling stations added to the block of 6th Avenue and 5th Avenue along Broadway Street.

There will also be a new bus stop installed across from Save-On-Foods along the block.

“Downtown business owners are taking pride in what we’ve done during the revitalization project so far and are even enhancing their own properties because of it,” said Nakusp mayor Tom Zeleznik.

“Phase two of this project will continue to benefit everyone from business owners to residents to tourists,” he said.

Phase two of the project was chosen at its particular location because its one of the busiest areas in downtown Nakusp, according to Zeleznik.

Of the total project cost, almost $60,000 will go towards installing the concrete sidewalks and curbs, nearly $50,000 will go towards electrical work and streetlights and around $44,000 will go towards paying project workers.

City council elected not to install corner bulbs, irrigation, trees or plants in this phase of the project.

While some city staff will help to complete the project, subcontractors will also be hired by the city.

Electrical materials, streetlights, concrete colouring and streetlight pedestals have already been ordered to help start the project.

Phase one of the revitalization project helped to improved three other downtown blocks and was completed in the summer of 2019.

The second phase project of the revitalization project is anticipated to take place between Sept. 8 and Oct. 16.

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