Municipal taxes on the rise

Taxes have to be raised both to keep up with the cost of things and to boost the village's contingency fund.

Municipal taxes are going up.

In order to maintain operations in the village, an increase in taxes will be necessary to balance the 2017 budget.

Unlike federal and provincial budgets which are allowed to run a deficit, local governments must have a balanced budget and cannot budget for a deficit unless they cover the deficit in the following year’s budget.

In an effort to save money, each department was asked if any service reductions could be made to prevent going over budget. Unfortunately, when a municipality runs on bare bones there isn’t a lot to reduce.

As a result, a four per cent tax increase will be put in place.

Residents will also see an increase in water and sewer utility rates to keep funds in the village’s contingency fund. This money is needed in case of an emergency such as a water main break.

For a single family dwelling, water rates will go up by five per cent, while sewer rates will see an increase of 10 per cent. This is only the preliminary budget.

The full budget will come out in April.


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