Mount Tzouhalem cross is not intrusive

North Cowichan – I read Mr. Keith Gray’s letter with amusement and amazement.

He wrote that the cross should be replaced by something less intrusive and more inclusive. The opposite of inclusive is exclusive. The meaning of intrusive is “causing disruption or annoyance through being unwelcome or uninvited.” It is a pretty harsh word to use about a simple thing like a cross.

If he finds crosses offensive, then he must find driving in Duncan an absolute torture. On Tzouhalem Road alone, there are seven places of worship within a couple of miles. My goodness, there are crosses all over the place! Driving in downtown Duncan produces the same problem. Sherman Road has a church and a Sikh Temple. Even quiet back roads have buildings of worship. There is nowhere that he can go without coming across one or another religious symbol.

Whether you like it or not, Jesus Christ is a historic figure. He is mentioned by the Jewish Roman historian Flavius Josephus. He is in fact, someone who changed the world.

Mr. Grey is entitled to his opinion as I am entitled to mine. However, I really don’t think he meant to use the work intrusive. Surely no one in this Valley would go out of their way to insult the thousands of God loving people who live here.

Lauren M. Flynn

North Cowichan

Cowichan Valley Citizen