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Morning Start: You can sneeze faster than a cheetah can run

Your morning start for Thursday, May 27, 2021

  • May. 27, 2021 12:00 a.m.

Good morning and happy Thursday! Get those raincoats and umbrellas out — we’ve got some rain in the forecast today.

Fun fact: You can sneeze faster than a cheetah can run

Cheetahs are the fastest land animal on the planet, clocking in at a top speed of 70 m.p.h. (113 km/h), according to National Geographic.

A cheetah’s speed, however, is no match against the human sneeze.

In 2016, the American Lung Association revealed that our sneezes can travel up to 100 m.p.h. (161 km/h), creating upwards of 100,000 droplets in the process.

Trailing behind the sneeze and the cheetah is the cough, which can travel as fast as 50 m.p.h. (80 km/h), expelling nearly 3,000 droplets at the same time.

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In case you missed it:

The RCMP and BC Coroners Service are investigating the cause of a horrific Wednesday morning crash that killed three Kelowna teenagers.

The identities of the three who died — an 18-year-old female driver, an 18-year old male passenger and a 17-year-old female passenger — will not be revealed. All three were Grade 12 students at Kelowna Secondary School, the school district’s superintendent confirmed.

Read the full story here.

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