Pallets returned to the Parr Road green depot. (City of Chilliwack photo)

Pallets returned to the Parr Road green depot. (City of Chilliwack photo)

More pallets than ever coming into the green depot in Chilliwack

City says those bringing in pallets for recycling are preventing them from being torched

The tide may be turning to some degree on the problem of wooden pallets in Chilliwack.

City of Chilliwack tweeted out a message of thanks this week to conscientious business owners who’ve been dropping off wooden pallets at the Parr Road Green Depot for responsible recycling.

“This helps reduce harmful debris from illegal pallet fires in our natural spaces,” according to the recent city post on social media.

Pallet fires have been an ongoing nuisance and a threat to the environment, but volunteers and City of Chilliwack have been shining a light on the preferred method of dealing with them – recycling, as opposed to burning them.

Bylaw enforcement personnel have been quietly visiting businesses that have been leaving pallets stacked outside their operations for the taking, and talking about the impacts, and options.

It’s obviously making a difference. Those who volunteer several times a year to clean up riverside garbage dump sites had been thoroughly frustrated with the endless pallet fires at Jesperson and Gill Road gravel bars. They say there are fewer pallet fires.

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Longtime river volunteer Chris Gadsden said he’d never seen so many recycled pallets at the Parr Road depot as the last time he went.

“I asked staff if there was an increase lately in pallets being brought in, they said yes,” Gadsden posted, “Good news indeed! It looks like the City of Chilliwack new bylaw on illegal burning of pallets and for business to not put them on the roadside is paying off.

“Well done City of Chilliwack and local businesses.”

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