More accessible Langley Events Centre planned

Changes proposed to make facility more disabled- and pedestrian-friendly

The Langley Events Centre (LEC) will become more accessible to people with disabilities, pedestrians and transit riders this summer.

The changes to the driveways and sidewalks on the LEC site are part of Township plans to widen the east side of 200 Street and the south side of 80 Avenue which will include finishing the greenways and sidewalks.

So said Michael Stang, an engineering technologist with the Township, who was responding to a emailed question from Vancouver resident Greg White, who expressed concern about a lack of access following his visit to the 260,000 sq.ft. facility in November.

“Currently LEC, in the absence of a safe sidewalk, is only accessible by a private automobile or taxi,” White said.

“The only options for people with a disability, pedestrians or transit users arriving from north of the LEC to be able to access LEC is by illegally crossing all the fast-flowing traffic lanes of 200 Street or walking into or with traffic on the east side of 200 Street, where there is no sidewalk or shoulder,” White wrote.

“With such a great facility in the Township, there must be a plan in place to make it safe to access LEC for all users or spectators, not just those . . . able to drive and afford private automobiles.”

In his reply, the Township’s Stang said said the existing bus stop on 200 Street fronting the LEC was “fully accessible” and the construction work to improve accessibility was “tentatively planned for the summer of 2014.”

The exchange of emails was distributed to members of Township council earlier this year.

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