Mobile street vendors coming to Surrey

The city is sending out invitations to potential food sellers this week.

The City of Surrey is implementing a mobile food vendor program.

The City of Surrey is implementing a mobile food vendor program.

Mobile food vendors are on their way, as Surrey council has endorsed a plan to bring the popular street-side eateries to the city.

On Monday, Surrey council received a corporate report recommending a mobile food vending program here.

Sites being considered for the vendors include: North Surrey Recreation Centre, Bear Creek Park, Newton Athletic Park, Newton Community Association, Cloverdale Recreation Centre and the new city hall public plaza.

Contracts with potential vendors are being drawn up now, and are expected to include city expectations around litter control, recycling, hours of operation, noise control, allowable signage and the possibility of damage to city infrastructure.

Vendors found to be non-compliant will receive warning letters and/or cancellation of their permit to operate in Surrey.

Coun. Barbara Steele said Wednesday that it’s an idea that’s time has come.

“I think we need to start that kind of thing, I do,” Steele said. “In the Whalley area here, there’s lots of people walking around here at lunch time and the afternoon and dinner time, I see them every day.

An invitation to vendors is expected to go out this week, with a deadline for applications by the end of the month.

A city panel will decide which vendors receive permits.

“A number of criteria will be used to select the successful vendors including number of years of experience, qualifications, menu diversity and/or innovation, healthy food options, and a waste management plan,” a corporate report to council states. “This process will ensure diverse types of food offerings, healthy menu considerations and vendors able to meet operational requirements.

Which vendor gets which site can be managed in a number of ways, including rotating vendors, permanent placements or a lottery system.

The selection review of vendors will take until June 6, and the program begins on June 16.


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