Mixed waste tipping fees to increase at the Nakusp Landfill

The Nakusp Landfill is one of several disposal sites to see the increase.

Residents in the west and central subregions of the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) will soon see an increase in tipping fees for mixed waste at landfills.

Typically commercial and municipal wastes are mixtures of plastics, metals, glass, biodegradable waste including paper and textiles along with other nondescript junk.

Fees in the western subregion, which includes the Nakusp Landfill, are $85 per ton or $20 per cubic meter.

Starting April 1 these fees will go up to $90 per ton or $22 per cubic meter.

“Tipping fees are the fees charged based on the weight or volume of the material being brought to our facility,” said Mike Morrison, Resource Recovery Manager with the RDCK. “There are two primary sources of funding for the system, one being the tipping fees we receive at the site, the other being through taxation.”

“In determining a balance between these two primary sources of funds for waste and recycling services, the RDCK Board must consider many different financial, environmental, and practical factors.” says Ann Bunka, Chair of the RDCK Joint Resource Recovery Committee in a media release.

The RDCK promotes what is called a user-pay principle for setting tipping fees. User pay is thought to be more fair and transparent and places the cost burden of waste disposal on those who place the greatest demands on the waste system. It is also supposed to provide greater financial incentives for waste diversion and reduces the need to support resource recovery services through taxation.

Tipping fees for compacted waste, controlled waste, asbestos, bulky waste, noxious weeds which have not been source separated, and reusable products have also increased accordingly.

There will not be an increase in the per container tipping fee, which remains at $2.50 at all sites.


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