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Mission firefighters can now save injured hikers, sinking boaters and drivers submerged in vehicles

Mission Fire Rescue Service upgrades local service levels, get budget increased by $10,000

  • May. 27, 2021 12:00 a.m.

Mission firefighters will now be able to rescue people stuck on trails, or sinking in a lake.

The District of Mission recently approved changes to the level of service provided by the Mission Fire Rescue Service (MFRS).

“With the popularity of the trail system and easy access to many lakes in our municipality, this is an important step in ensuring the safety of our residents and visitors,” said Mayor Paul Horn.

“It is reassuring to know we have additional emergency resources to safeguard us all as our community grows.”

Local firefighters will now be able to fill service gaps by working alongside emergency organizations like Mission Search and Rescue and BC Ambulance Service, according to a District news release.

This includes situations where quick rescue and medical aid is needed, such people who injure themselves hiking, an emergency where the location on the water in known, or if their car somehow becomes submerged.

They will have their budget increased by $10,000 next year and beyond for training and instruction on the special equipment associated with these types of rescues, such as managing fires on docks and foreshores, boat launch incidents and flood events.

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