Missing wife, dead sheep, Staff Sergeant retiring

Police responded to 52 calls from January 23-29, Staff Sgt. Darryl Hammond said.

Creston RCMP will be without a staff sergeant for a period of time, as Staff Sgt. Darryl Hammond moves into his retirement and a replacement is selected for this position. Hammond, in his final delivery of the weekly police report to the Advance, expressed his confidence in the experience of his corporals and other staff to manage the detachment in the meantime.

Police responded to 52 calls from January 23-29, Hammond said.

January 23

•Two domestic sheep were butchered and dumped beside Peterman Road. Police are investigating.

•Police attended a 6th Avenue North residence to keep the peace while a person retrieved belongings.

•A male has been charged following a domestic assault in Riondel.

•A 56-year-old female driving on Highway 21 near Highway 3 died suddenly in her vehicle. She was found with the vehicle running and in gear, with her foot on the break.

•A semi that attempted a turn on Highway 3 in Erickson got stuck and blocked traffic for a short period.

•A domestic dispute reported by a third party is under investigation.

January 24

•A driver stopped on Erickson Road was found to have been drinking and given a 24-hour driving prohibition.

•Police were called to a neighbours’ dispute over snow shoveling on 9th Avenue.

•A male was reported to be banging on a Murdoch Street’s door in the early morning, and yelling “Where’s my wife?”

•A 6th Avenue North resident complained about an aggressive salesman representing a natural gas supplier. The Advance has had similar complaints. Residents who are not interested in the sales pitch are advised to say so and ask the representative to leave.

•A drinking driver was stopped on Highway 3 at 36th Avenue North and issued a 90-day driving prohibition. His vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

January 25

•Police searched the Yahk area for a person wanted in a missing persons case by Calgary city police, but the person was not located.

•A dispute over snowblowing arose in a neighbours’ dispute on Erickson Road.

•A dispute between tenants on Highway 3 north of Creston led to a visit by police.

•A stopped school bus was passed by a vehicle on 9th Avenue North.

•Threats made at a school are being investigated.

•A vehicle pulling a trailer went off Bayonne Creek Forest Creek Road in icy conditions.

January 26

•A person on Sunset Boulevard was determined to need medical assistance.

•A vehicle’s windshield and side window were smashed on Elm Street at 20th Avenue South. Police identified a suspect but the complainant did not want charges laid.

•While investigating a 911 hangup call from Railway Boulevard, police determined that alcohol was a factor.

•When police were notified by a Canyon Street resident about threats made on the SnapChat web site, the sender said he was joking.

January 27

•A complaint was made about dogs barking on 10th Avenue North.

•An elderly female was reported to be hitchhiking on Highway 3 near Canyon-Lister Road but she was not located.

•No injuries resulted when two vehicles collided at Kootenay Bay.

•$1500 was reportedly removed from a bank account of a 10th Avenue North resident in a fraudulent act.

•A report of a possible collision of a vehicle and pedestrian on Erickson Road at 11th Avenue South could not be confirmed after police found no evidence.

•Police found no footprints around a 6th Avenue residence when they investigated a report of a possible prowler.

January 28

•A check stop on Highway 3 at Canyon-Lister Road found no issues with the 10 vehicles that were stopped.

•Police were called to a couple’s dispute on Highway 3 after a female accused her spouse of spending his income on liquor and not rent.

January 29

•25 vehicles were checked on Northwest Boulevard at Pine Street and no problems were found.

•An 8th Avenue resident was threatened with violence and had his wallet stolen. The wallet was later recovered.

•Text messages reportedly caused concern for a Meadow Creek resident.

•Hammond said that a male who was charged with assault when another male was injured in the Community Complex parking lot after a hockey game pleaded guilty in court last week. He was given a 20-month jail sentence.


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