Ministry of Forests protecting environment

83 Mile, 83 Mile West Forest Service roads to close permanently

The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations is advising the public that 83 Mile (9237.01 Road) and 83 Mile West (9237.02 Road) Forest Service roads will be discontinued and permanently closed beginning Aug. 22, due to ongoing maintenance issues and environmental concerns.

The two roads referenced in this release are old forest service roads that cross higher-value, higher value riparian areas and a fish stream.

There have been repeated events of beaver dams blocking the culverts associated with the roads, resulting in flooding of the riparian areas, as well as erosion of the road surface and banks resulting in siltation of the riparian area and fish stream.

83 Mile and 83 Mile West Forest Service roads are located off the 83 Mile public road in the vicinity of Green Lake, about 27 kilometres south of 100 Mile House.

These roads are part of British Columbia’s 55,000-km Forest Service road network that provides access to the province’s backcountry.

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