Clearing at the site of the old mini-golf facility this week. (Photo Gerry Leibel)

Clearing at the site of the old mini-golf facility this week. (Photo Gerry Leibel)

Mini-golf makes way for new park

More will be allocated under the 2020 budget

Last week saw the end of an era and to speculation about the future of the mini-golf facility next to the Chalet Motel.

District of Kitimat graders moved in and pulled up all the old structures and tangled growth to make way for a new park, a welcome addition to the space already provided by Centennial Park.

The District bought the 0.22 hectare piece of land from the previous owner of the Chalet.

“The DoK had the land appraised before starting negotiations with the owner and paid $370,000 which should be reflective of fair market value,” said the DoK Community Planning and Development director Gwen Sewell.

“Park infrastructure will be a Budget 2020 discussion item. Kitimat Council will determine what improvements will be funded and what year work will start.”

The current zoning has not yet been changed and remains C5 Limited Commercial.

DoK Leisure Services director Martin Gould said no definite decisions have been made as to what the park will look like.

“We want to open the space up, cut lower branches on some of the trees and remove some of the larger trees. That said, we want to keep as many trees as possible and plant new ones,” said Gould.

He said part of future work will consist of the installation of a water line under the park for watering the gardens and perhaps for a future water fountain.

“We’ll be deciding what to do with the park next year,” added Gould.

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