Marina gains nod

Coldstream politicians are supporting a proposed marina on Kalamalka Lake but with some reservations.

Coldstream politicians are supporting a proposed marina on Kalamalka Lake but with some reservations.

Council will tell the provincial government it doesn’t object to an application from Oyama’s Tween Lakes Resort for a 66-slip dock on as long as it meets the resort’s own needs.  However, it will also indicate that it doesn’t want increased slips accommodating more boats on Kalamalka and Wood lakes.

“We have concerns about increased motorized boat traffic on Kal Lake,” said Coun. Doug Dirk during a committee of the whole Tuesday.

A representative from Tween Lakes Resort insists the proposed marina is part of replacing aging docks.

“The amount of boat traffic is quite a bit lower,” said Ed Thiessen, dock committee chairperson, adding the slips will only be used when resort owners are there.

“The new dock won’t affect how many boats come from Tween Lakes. We just want an opportunity to store our boats safely.”

Beyond the proposed 66 dock slips, Tween Lakes has existing slips along the canal.

Kalamalka Lake is a water source for Lake Country and Greater Vernon, but Thiessen says Tween Lake’s project won’t impact water quality.

“We care about what happens to the lake,” he said.

“There are hundreds of boats that go through that canal that have nothing to do with us.”

Considerable debate occurred among council before motions were considered.

“There’s a little confusion as to whether we are seeing an expansion (of slips) or not?” said Coun. Richard Enns.

There were also questions about the lake’s capacity for motorized boats given other recreational users are also on the lake.

“There are paddleboards, canoes and kayaks,” said Coun. Gyula Kiss.

Councillors Glen Taylor and Pat Cochrane favoured the dock application.

“Tween Lakes is an existing development and I take them at their word that they’re not adding boats but trying to be more efficient,” said Cochrane.

“It’s not saying there’s more boats. It’s accommodating and fixing what they have,” added Taylor.

Council will also suggest to the provincial government that if Tween Lakes’ application is approved, that there be a response kit for fuel spills, no renting of slips to non-owners and no winter moorage.


Vernon Morning Star