Man uninjured following single-vehicle crash along Highway 3A

The crash temporarily closed the southbound lane of the highway on Tuesday night

  • Sep. 2, 2020 12:00 a.m.

A man is uninjured following a single-vehicle accident along Highway 3A on Tuesday night, according to Tarrys Fire Rescue (TFR) fire chief Greg Patterson.

The accident occurred around 8:40 p.m. between Thrums and the Brilliant Dam when the car went off the road and crashed into the side of the mountain.

Patterson said TFR crews, BC Ambulance personnel and RCMP quickly attended the scene of the crash.

“The driver was the only occupant in the vehicle,” said Patterson.

“He was checked out by the BC ambulance personnel and was released on the scene.”

Patterson believes the crash occurred because the driver was either tired or fell asleep at the wheel.

The crash temporarily closed the southbound lane of the highway and reduced it to single-lane alternating traffic.

TFR crews were busy redirecting traffic along the highway for about 40 minutes while the man was being checked out and a tow truck was heading to the scene.

Patterson reminds motorists to be alert when driving around crash scenes.

“We really appreciate it when motorists slow down and obey traffic control directions during crashes,” said Patterson.

“We also want to remind motorists to stay focused on the road while driving around a crash scene. Some motorists look at the crash scene for too long and that could potentially cause other incidents.”

Late last month, a driver was sent to hospital following a single-vehicle crash on Brilliant Bridge. The crash took out portions of the bridge’s railing and ripped a tire right off the truck involved.

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