Mainroad file.

Mainroad file.

Mainroad issues weather warning

Potential for flash freezing conditions on Friday evening, flurries expected all weekend.

Mainroads East Kootenay Contracting is warning that weather conditions could produce wet snow and flash freezing on Friday night, while flurries are expected throughout the region all weekend.

The company’s forecast says that mixed rain and snow will be followed by dropping temperatures throughout the East Kootenay region. Temperatures are expected to drop 10 degrees in the Elk Valley, and five degrees in the Columbia region.

Mainroad says crews will be patrolling the service area, but warn that drivers should expect rapidly changing conditions and to be ready for slippery surfaces, even if they look bare.

The company says that roads are serviced on a priority basis with main highways and throughfares tackled first, before servicing school bus and commercial routes and side roads.

Property owners are responsbile for clearning their own driveways and property accessways, but Mainroad asks that cleared snow not be pushed out onto the road.

Before heading out on the roads, check out DriveBC for weather and road conditions.

Cranbrook Daily Townsman