Lumby flood watch continues

Lumby flood watch continues

Water levels have dropped slightly in Lumby.

Water levels have dropped slightly in Lumby.

Following a sunny weekend, flooding concerns have eased back as of Sunday.

“The creeks are looking good this morning with a slight drop of approximately 50mm (5cm),” said Tom Kadla, Lumby’s chief administrative officer.

And despite being Mother’s Day, contractors are still ramped up.

“Emergency works are roughly 70 per cent completed with some of the more difficult areas under construction,” said Kadla.


Flood watch doesn’t stop in Lumby.

Officials will spend Saturday keeping a close eye on water levels.

“Upon my inspection at 5:15 a.m. it looks like the creek has risen slightly,” said Tom Kadla, chief administrative officer.

“Crews will continue with earth works on the priority areas throughout the village this morning. This includes berm works and hazard tree removal, assessing and removing debris from the creek as required based on the threat of life, damage to property and infrastructure.

The emergency operations centre will be open Saturday as well as the emergency social services reception centre at the White Valley Community Centre.

According to officials, no water advisories or boil water advisories have been issued.

“The Village of Lumby’s water supply is drawn from a deep well system, which is not impacted by surface flooding or related diversions,” staes a release.

“Testing May 9 confirmed that village water quality remains good following last weekend’s flooding.”

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