Lumby residents fear there could be a return to flooding like occurred in 2013.

Lumby residents fear there could be a return to flooding like occurred in 2013.

Lumby demands action over flooding

Village wants regional district to be careful releasing water from reservoirs

Lumby officials fear the community could be washed out again.

The village has sent a letter to the Regional District of North Okanagan protesting the release of water from Aberdeen Plateau reservoirs that can lead to flooding in the downtown core.

“The regional district has the ability to help mitigate the flooding situation,” said Mayor Kevin Acton.

“They need to follow best practises so they don’t cause flooding.”

In 2013, significant flooding swamped businesses and homes right in the middle of Lumby.

And sandbags have been put in place this year in case the creeks overflow their banks.

“The high-altitude melt comes in mid-June and if there is rain, it could be a perfect storm,” said Acton.

“We’d like the regional district to make an educated guess on how to get the reservoirs to the top without them spilling over and causing flooding.”

RDNO has previously stated it can’t let water out of the reservoirs early, because, depending on weather conditions in the early spring, that water may be needed for domestic supply in the summer.

It also states that snowmelt spilling over reservoirs and into creeks is a natural process.

Beyond RDNO, Acton is not impressed with the Okanagan Basin Water Board which is urging residents to conserve water now in case of drought this summer.

“There isn’t a shortage of water now,” he said, adding that there isn’t a need to cut back on water use.

“I am disappointed to hear their advertisements when there isn’t a drought right now.”





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