Lumby butts out

Lumby smokers are facing tighter restrictions, ban in works for smoking in all parks, salmon trail and at bus stops

Lumby smokers are facing tighter restrictions.

Council instructed staff Tuesday to amend policies to ban smoking throughout all parks, at the salmon trail and at bus stops.

“Studies show that children start smoking if they see adults smoking so we want to put a stop to that,” said Mayor Kevin Acton.

Currently, smoking is only prohibited in specific areas frequented by children, such as the playground.

However, Acton says there is a need to expand the areas where smoking isn’t allowed.

“The salmon trail is meant to be a healthy, outdoor experience and we’re hearing complaints that it’s not,” he said.

Opposition to the changes came from Coun. Nick Hodge.

“I thought it reached too far,” he said of the ban at bus stops and in the parks.

“It might stop people from going to the park.”

Acton insists the village is not discriminating against smokers.

“I smoked for a time and I never smoked in a park or where people were with their children,” he sad.

“There are still lots of places to smoke where it’s appropriate.”

No-smoking rules could be relaxed by the village if there is a request for groups using parks, such as Lumby Days.

“There are still opportunities for special events,” said Tom Kadla, chief administrative officer.


Vernon Morning Star