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A trip through the Sooke News Mirror's time machine

  • Sep. 5, 2012 7:00 a.m.

Sept. 2, 1987

Sooke driver wins at Western

Mark Jarvis, of Sooke, drove his 1969 Nash Rambler to victory in the street class at Western Speedway last week.

He said the car, with a 369 BV Javelin motor and transmission in it, performed “beautifully” in a win that was particularly satisfying to him because he dethroned a driver who had won the event for three years in a row.

Mr. Jarvis said the victory over a dozen other cars was worth $80 to him.

He competes in what is known as bracket racing. Cars don’t race head-to-head but instead are timed over a course only an eighth of a mile long.

“In this event it is the driver with the best reactions behind the wheel and the most consistent times who wins,” he said.

Sept. 2, 1992

CRD subsidies blamed for business woes

A Sooke businessman said unfair subsidies by the Capital Regional District have hurt his business and cost eight people jobs.

However, a CRD spokesman said the man would have been considered for the subsidy if he had his project ready on deadline.

Hans Rasmussen, whose company, Ras-Can, produces home composters, said a CRD decision to exclude his business from a subsidy deal has allowed firms from Ontario and Manitoba to drastically undercut him and other B.C. composter producers.

Rasmussen questions why taxpayer dollars are being spent out of province when there are perfectly good products at home.

“That’s the trouble with government getting into business,” he said. “They don’t care about the cost and they don’t care about the feasibility.”

But the CRD’s Glenn Milbury said that Ras-Can was given every opportunity to beat the Ontario offers,and even got special consideration because they were local. But their product delivered was a day late, and even then it didn’t measure up to the eastern products.

Sept. 4, 1996

New school under budget

The construction superintendent claims it’s $1 million over budget.

The architect contends there is a $500,000 over run.

But the person who keeps tabs on the Sooke School District’s finances insists the new community school is not only on budget, but under budget.

Sooke School District secretary treasurer, Dave Lockyer, projects a $5,000 surplus upon the new school’s completion.

But even with the surplus, the price tag pinned to the state-of-the-art facility has grown from what was initially reported.

When the new school was announced in late October 1994, after being bumped from a list of $339 million worth of school capital projects earlier in the year, the budget was set at $18.8 million. Numbers provided by Lockyer to school board chair Diane Bernard Friday has the total cost of the project pegged at $19.6 million.

Sept. 3, 1997

Development plans prompts East Sooke residents to form rural association

A new association is springing up to give East Sooke residents who cherish their rural lifestyle a voice.

The East Sooke Rural Association has spawned out of the diverse and opposing views created by a developer’s plan to create a 274-home seaside master-planned community, complete with marina, golf course and lodge.

East Sooke resident Derek Mallard is an environmental activist and one of the organizers of the new association.

“This development is going to commence the destruction of that (rural) atmosphere. Full opportunity must be given to the people here to voice what their preferences are,” Mallard said of the community facing a cross roads.

A questionnaire was delivered to all residents of East Sooke asking for feedback on forming the association.

Sept. 1, 2010

It’s time to be bear aware

Conservation officers are warning the public that bears will be a problem in September and October.

Peter Pauwels, conservation officer for the South Coast region, said they have already dealt with five bears which had to be put down in the Sooke area.

“It’s a major, major problem out there, typical for August,” said Puwels, referring to bear bear encounters in areas around McMillan Road, Journey and Ecole Poirier schools, the Otter Point Fire Hall, Robinson, Tugwell and West Coast Road.


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