Logyard roadblock lifted

Terrace contractor says he has been promised payment

  • Sep. 13, 2013 7:00 a.m.

A roadblock at the YaoRun Wood Ltd. log yard has been lifted, at least temporarily.

The owner of McPherson Trucking, Vic McPherson, said that YaoRun Wood Ltd. has promised him payment by Monday.

They said they got my cheque underway, and phoned four times last night and asked me to please move the truck. I said if I don’t get a cheque by Monday it will be right back there,” said McPherson.

This week’s roadblock is the second this year at the Chinese-owned lumber yard.

It came six months after Bryco Enterprises parked its heavy machinery in front of the same gates to protest non-payment.

In McPherson’s opinion, the road block strategy was proven effective by Bryco.

I’m getting tired of waiting for my money,” said McPherson shortly after blocking the gates. “I said until I get paid I’m just going to shut this thing down. I’m just a little contractor, I can’t afford to let these guys play games like that.”

McPherson said he hasn’t been paid for four months for hauling gravel and rock for the Chinese-owned company which marshals logs in the yard for shipment to the coast and transport overseas.

YaoRun official Richard Qi said he thinks there has been a misunderstanding, and that all parties should be paid soon by company chairman Guiying Liu.

Last time when the yard was blocked and there was a dispute for $260,000, Mr. Lui paid that. I don’t think Mr. Lui is evading responsibility. There is just some sort of misunderstanding there.”

Qi also said that he and Mr. Lui will be coming to Terrace soon to clear up the growing confusion over the future of the yard stacked high with hemlock, cedar and spruce.

The log yard area is owned by the City of Terrace which struck a deal early this year to lease the yard to YaoRun for $120,000 a year.

In the meantime, YaoRun employees who had been using a home on the 4600 Block of McConnell as an office moved out earlier this week. And the city has confirmed that YaoRun is two months behind on their rent payments.


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