The RDOS has expanded three local state of emergencies to include the entire electoral district. Submitted photo

The RDOS has expanded three local state of emergencies to include the entire electoral district. Submitted photo

Local emergency orders extended

No new evacuations, but the scope of state of local emergencies expanded

While some areas have seen a downgrade in their emergency status, state of local emergency orders are extended for three areas in the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen.

Declaration of State of Local Emergency for Electoral Area “B”, “D” and “H”

State of local emergency orders for Cawston (Electoral Area B), Tulameen (Electoral Area H), Green Lake and Green Mountain (Electoral Area D) have been extended to include the entirety of the electoral areas.

This is due to the increased risk that flooding events in Cawston, Green Lake, Green Mountain and Tulameen may expand into neighbouring communities and threaten life, safety and cause significant property damage.

Rural Oliver (Electoral Area C) remains in a state of local emergency as well, and all areas that are currently under evacuation alert or order in the RDOS will still remain in effect until further notice.

Declaring a state of local emergency enables local authorities (regional districts, municipalities) to utilize the emergency powers listed in the Emergency Program Act. The emergency powers are used by the local authority to order the evacuation of residents from their homes, prohibit travel and enter private property when an emergency threatens lives, property or the environment within the local authority’s jurisdiction.

In the event that an evacuation is ordered, residents will be given as much notice as possible via an advance evacuation alert. Once evacuated, residents should leave the evacuated area immediately and register at the reception centre identified. There are two active reception centres located at:

  1. Princeton Reception Centre: Riverside Community Centre,148 Old Hedley Road, phone: 250-295-0202.
  2. Oliver Reception Centre: 6365 Main St., Oliver; phone: 250-498-7962

Upon notification of an alert, you should be prepared for the evacuation order by:

  • Locating all family members or co-workers and designate a Reception Centre outside the evacuation area, should an evacuation be called while separated.
  • Gathering essential items such as medications, eyeglasses, valuable papers (i.e. insurance), immediate care needs for dependents and, if you choose, keepsakes (photographs, etc.). Have these items readily available for quick departure.
  • Preparing to move any disabled persons and/or children.
  • Moving pets and livestock to a safe area.
  • Arranging to transport your household members or co-workers in the event of an evacuation order. If you need transportation assistance from the area please call 250-490-4225.
  • Arranging accommodation for your family if possible. In the event of an evacuation, reception centres will be opened if required.

For more information visit or on Facebook at RegionalDistrictOfOkanaganSimilkameen. Their EOC page has maps showing evacuation alert and order areas, sand and sandbag locations.

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