LETTER: We have evolved as a society

  • Feb. 6, 2015 1:00 p.m.

The Editor,

Re: Adrian MacNair’s "Sympathy for the dog killer Paulsen"

Adrian Macnair would like our society to step back decades to the time when animal cruelty went unpunished.

The laws, designed to protect animals, originated to specifically address the Adian Macnairs in our society; people who place no consequence on lives unless they are human lives.

Happily, we have evolved as a society and recognize that we share this planet with beings that feel pain and suffering, joy and love and contribute to our well being. Those beings are animals.

Adrian Macnair serves as a reminder that we need the laws to protect our animals from people with attitudes like him, who would easily dismiss deliberate actions as abhorent as a woman entrusted to care for animals and repeatedly warned about the deadly combination of trucks and heat, and who violently caused such pain and suffering for the animals and the people who loved them.

Judy Taylor-Atkinson

Port Moody

Surrey Now