Letter to the Editor


  • Feb. 1, 2017 5:00 a.m.

Dear Editor.

The current members of GUF (Greening Up The Fort Society ) would like to publicly express our appreciation to  Nak’azdli Whut’en and the District of Fort St. James for their commitment ot recycling and sustainability in our communities.

Nak’azdli and their staff at the recycling depot have invested in an exciting and progressive vision to create a more responsible and sustainable community. The district of Fort St. James have taken over the Integris Recycling building which handles commercial mixed paper and cardboard.  Both these forward looking programs are keeping millions of metric tons our of our land fill which results in protection of water, wildlife and habitat.  This reduction in waste in landfills contributes to the well being of the earth and her human populations.

We the residents of the communities who receive and use this service can make the programs a success by using them appropriately.

Ensure your recyclables are sorted correctly:

Curb side: mixed paper and cardboard in one bag/ tin, plastic, milk container products in another Drop off at Depot: plastic bags and overwrap, glass, Styrofoam , batteries and light bulbs.

Rural residents: drop off everything and sort into appropriate large bins at the depot.

Business and Industry: all mixed paper and cardboard to Integris Recycling   THIS BUILDING IS NO LONGER FOR RESIDENTIAL USE.

GUF’s  missions is to develop and support local initiatives to protect and improve the quality of our environment and local ecology.  It is so exciting to see the leadership efforts of two local governments that also want a sustainable future for future generations.

Thank you to both local elected governments for demonstration innovative and important leadership in this area.

Your efforts are important and make us proud to be members of beautiful and vibrant communities.

Louise Evans-salt

Elizabeth Hoy

Maxime Evans

Marilyn Gammon

Berit Christensen

Lynne George


Caledonia Courier