Letter carrier to the rescue in Kimberley

A Kimberley resident is very grateful for assistance from his letter carrier

Dale Hanson, with letter carrier Lorraine Woods.

Dale Hanson, with letter carrier Lorraine Woods.

A Kimberley resident, Dale Hanson, is very grateful to his letter carrier, for more than just prompt mail delivery.

During the big snowstorms last month, Canada Post letter carrier Lorraine Woods was doing her rounds.

“I was coming along Warren Avenue and I saw a roof over a deck collapse and come down,” Woods said. “A woman came out of the house and she was having trouble getting over all the snow. She said her husband was back there, he’s lying in the snow. It looked like the roof hit him and sent him flying.”

Woods made her way over to Hanson, called 911 and stayed with him, talking to him, until the ambulance arrived.

A few weeks later, he dropped by Kimberley’s Post Office to personally thank Woods for assisting him.

“He was just appreciative,” she said. “It was nice of him to come in and thank me. He said it was nice to know letter carriers are out on the street.”

And it is a good thing that letter carriers are out there in Kimberley’s neighbourhoods every day, she says.

“We know the neighbourhoods, we know who our seniors are. I’ve found lost dogs. I know of other carriers in town who have found people hurt. We’re out there every day.”


Kimberley Daily Bulletin