Lavington path plan clarified

Learmouth Road Pathway changed to get best bang for the buck

Plans for a new path in Lavington are being clarified.

The Learmouth Road Pathway project was initially proposed to cover from Park Lane to School Road. However, after discussions with the Lavington community, the project was revised to construct the Path from Reid Road to Bessette Road.

“This change was made to provide the ‘best bang for the buck’ and address the safety concerns that had been presented to the district,” said Trevor Seibel, Coldstream’s chief administrative officer.

The project costs for the revised section of the pathway were lower than the original project so the budget was adjusted accordingly.

“At no time after this decision was made, was the scope of the Learmouth Road Pathway project modified to accommodate price increases in any other project,” confirms Seibel.

At the same time, the Kidston pathway is being extended in Coldstream.

Both projects are funded from the district’s gas tax allotment.


Vernon Morning Star