Thorin Gosling helps her family recycle. Courtesy Township of Langley

Thorin Gosling helps her family recycle. Courtesy Township of Langley

Langley family offers tips on recycling

Willoughby's Gosling family sees recycling as a way of life, not a chore.

  • Nov. 8, 2018 12:00 a.m.

A local family has always had a love of nature and care for the environment.

The Township of Langley’s recycling collection services were recently upgraded to include a more efficient program for glass and local parents Charity and Jason Gosling, and their two daughters Thorin and Arianna are taking full advantage of it.

The family strives to recycle and properly dispose of waste items the best they can.

“The kids love it; it’s not hard for them,” Charity said in a news release.

“We just teach them, ‘this is what you do.’ They know trees give us air to breathe and they know to take care of the trees. They get it and are on board with saving our planet.”

As a long-time recycling advocate, Charity shared a tip for how to ensure things at home are recycled properly.

“Start with one thing,” Charity suggested.

“Introduce one change at a time, something small, because big changes all at once can be overwhelming. I started by thinking, ‘What is one thing I could take out of my garbage?’ When you get used to that change, make another little change. If you try something and it doesn’t work for your family, try something else.”

Charity’s home is filled with recycling receptacles in various locations to collect all non-organic recycling items.

Whatever items are not collected curbside, she brings to a nearby recycling depot with her family.

“I want to make a better future for my children, and that means reducing my pollution,” Charity said, noting that recycling is a simple and effective way to achieve that goal.

For more information on the Township of Langley’s recycling program, call 604-532-7300.

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