Nass forest service road deactivated due to Landslide. (NLG Conservation/Facebook)

Landslide deactivates Nass-Kinskutch service road

Service road going to Kitsault and Alice Arm affected

  • Apr. 21, 2021 12:00 a.m.

A landslide along the Nass – Kinskutch service road has deactivated the service road going to Kitsault and Alice Arm.

In a social media post, Nisga’a Lisims Enforcement and Emergency Services announced that the landslide occurred 100 meters south side of the Nass bridge. B.C. Highways is assessing the road.

The road has been closed for public safety and Forest Ministry said that it has conducted a site visit with their Geotech team and Engineers.

“We’re currently working on a plan for repairs, and coordinating said repairs with the industrial road users,” said the ministry in an email statement.

“No timeline yet on when the works will be complete, we need to wait for things to dry out.”

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