Kids were warned to stop banging on windows

Creston RCMP responded to 80 calls from April 25-May 1.

Creston RCMP responded to 80 calls from April 25-May 1, at least 10 of which were to deal with issues generated by two females with mental health issues, Cst. Gerry Sliworsky said on Tuesday.

April 25

• Police received the first of several calls about a young female with mental health issues.

• Police investigated an allegation from Wynndel by a female who says her father threatened her.

• A vehicle collided with a deer on Lakeview-Arrow Creek Road at Highway 3A.

• A Lister resident reported he was the subject of harassing rumours that could affect his employment.

• An 88-year-old male died suddenly in his 7th Avenue South home.

• Kids reported to be banging on a Cory Road resident’s windows were warned by police, as were their parents.

April 26

• Two reports came in regarding vehicles passing a stopped school bus displaying flashers on 40th Avenue in Lister at Highway 3. One warning letter has been sent.

• Rykerts border officials turned over a variety of seized drugs for police to destroy.

• A ticket was issued after a driver backed into a vehicle on Cook Street and 12th South and drove off.

• Police were called about an attempt to take puppies from a Wynndel residence.

• A snow slide blocked Highway 3 near Kootenay Pass for a short time. No injuries were reported.

• An alcohol-fueled dispute between a mother and her children on 44th Street did not result in charges.

• A breach of no contact conditions was reported on Cedar Street.

April 27

• A male reported that his wife had left with their three children. Police learned she is in Alberta and all are okay, and that she plans to return.

• A custody dispute was reported on 38th Avenue in Erickson.

• A suspicious male was reported to be approaching customers at a Cook Street store.

• A warning letter has been sent to a driver after a road rage argument broke out when he passed a vehicle by using a turning lane.

• Police are investigating a complaint that a male was threatened on 19th Avenue South.

• A female was reported to be causing a disturbance at the hospital.

April 28

• A Kitchener male reported he might be a victim of identity theft.

• A driver stopped on Hillside St. at 6th Avenue North after leaving a pub was stopped. He was issued a 3-day driving prohibition and ticketed for driving while prohibited after a previous infraction.

• An erratic driver was reported by a flagger on Highway 3/95. The flagger said she was nearly run down.

April 29

• A driver who ran a Stop sign at 9th Avenue at Cook Street was found to have committed a variety of offenses, including driving without insurance. He was issued six tickets and the vehicle was towed.

• A male was injured during an assault in a pub washroom. He required surgery and police are investigating.

• A bike and scooter stolen from a Northwest Boulevard carport were both located later.

• A Dodge diesel pickup was reported to be speeding on Highway 3 at Goatfell and swerving, possibly because it was overloaded. Police did not locate the vehicle.

• Police advised a contractor to cease construction of a fence for a Vancouver Street resident when a neighbour complained the fence was on his property.

• A 53-year-old male died suddenly in his Hillside Street home.

• A stop check of vehicles on Canyon-Lister Road did not reveal any infractions.

April 30

• An aggressive dog was the subject of a complaint by pedestrians on Highway 3A.

• An intoxicated male was arrested on Cook Street for breaching court conditions.

• A developing sinkhole was reported on Highway 3 near West Creston.

• Police received another complaint from the hospital about a woman with mental health issues.

• A female who ran the railway crossing lights on Erickson Road was stopped and determined to have consumed an excess of alcohol. She was issued a 90-day driving prohibition and her vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

May 1

• A resident reported a credit card scam in the amount of $200 for an American transaction. The money was refunded by the credit card company.

• Police were called to a Uri Road property in West Creston to keep the peace during the sale of some equipment.

• Police are investigating a complaint involving dirt bikes on Reclamation Road.

• A pedestrian reported being harassed by a driver on 10th Avenue North.

• Police conducted an interview of a local resident for a Trail RCMP assault investigation.

• A complaint was received about an ongoing problem with an aggressive dog on Highway 3A near Wynndel.

• A 60-year-old female died suddenly in her Murdoch Street home.



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