Trina Cary is selling her 'Babes with Babes' calendar to support Ronald McDonald House.

Trina Cary is selling her 'Babes with Babes' calendar to support Ronald McDonald House.

Kelowna photographer selling calendars for charity

Trina Cary is raising money for Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver

Photographer Trina Cary is selling a calendar she made to help support Ronald McDonald House.

The calendar is called ‘Babes with Babes’ and features fathers with their newborn babies, all of whom are under 14 days old.

“The calendar is about love and life, and the connection between the father and the baby,” Cary said.

The calendar features people from all walks of life, and has both Canadian and American holidays on it.  Shortly after selecting Ronald McDonald House as the charity she would be supporting with the sales, one of Cary’s friends began living at the house in Vancouver as her two year old son was diagnosed with stage four cancer.  Cary has visited them on multiple occasions during the time they’ve been at the house, and seeing the work Ronald McDonald House does has reaffirmed her dedication to supporting it.

The calendars are $25 each, of which $5 will be donated to the charity.

“Because this is my first calendar, I didn’t set any extreme goals,” the 23 year-old photographer explained.  “I didn’t have anybody backing me on the printing, so I fronted all of that cost.  I’m just trying to get to the even mark, which is selling 98 calendars.  Then if I get to that even mark, I’ll be able to do it annually. I believe I’ve sold 55 so far.”

Cary would like to make the calendar an annual charity fundraiser, and she has been thinking of featuring grandparents with their grandchildren next year.

250 calendars were printed in total, and they can be purchased through Cary’s Facebook page, Trina Cary Photography, through her website,, or at various stores throughout Kelowna.


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