Judge orders man not to enter Mission

RCMP inspector hopes notorious offender will turn his life around

A judge has ordered Dylan Chysyk to stay away from Mission

A judge has ordered Dylan Chysyk to stay away from Mission

The man police say was responsible for a one-man crime wave of about 90 thefts from vehicles in the district over a six-week time period has been ordered not to visit Mission by a judge.

Dylan Chysyk, 23, has been in and out of prison for breaking into cars and stealing various items to feed his drug habit, garnering the full attention of Mission RCMP Insp. Richard Konarski.

“He’s a huge problem for our community,” he said, adding local police now recognize Chysyk on sight.

Almost by coincidence, he was picked up by police the same night Konarski mentioned Chysyk was a problem during his presentation of Mission RCMP’s quarterly report to municipal council earlier this month

Having recently been released back onto the streets after a two-week stint in jail, a resident reported somebody suspiciously peering into cars around 2 a.m. on July 18. When police responded, they found Chysyk lurking about, a violation of his probation.

A judge has since released Chysyk under stricter conditions, including an order to visit a drug rehabilitation facility in Langley, and not enter the District of Mission municipal boundaries.

Konarski said Chysyk now has an opportunity to get some treatment and turn his life around.

Residents need to realize that criminals often look for the easiest opportunities, and locking vehicles and removing valuables from sight is the best deterrent to would-be thieves, said Konarski.

“The hardest thing about crime prevention is that until it actually affects you, you don’t think about it.”

Crime prevention is also a partnership with other agencies, such as frontline workers in poverty reduction, drug and alcohol counselling, and the fire department, he said.

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