Judge denies bail for Blattnig at hearing

Bail hearing for Johann Blattnig on Jan. 27, at the British Columbia Family Courts

Nakusp resident, Johann Blattnig, has been denied bail.

Blattnig was in court on Jan. 27, after being arrested on Jan. 25 when explosives were found in his home. RCMP provided himwith a search warrant, and Blattnig indicated he would prefer they search his bedroom, because he believed the explosives werein there.

A stick of dynamite was found by RCMP in a mud room, just off the entrance of the home, stuffed between the shell and paddingof a helmet. The stick was cut in half, with a blasting cap attached at one end. Blattnig said he found the stick of dynamite yearsago and kept it.

Explosive detection dogs were brought in because it was originally believed there were seven or eight sticks of dynamite.

A jar of mercury was also found in the home. Under the right circumstances, it could have caused an electrical charge. Thedefence claimed the mercury was to be used for mining.

When making a decision regarding bail, judge Donald Sperry noted Blattnig has faced almost monthly charges since August of2015.

“I can’t bail you,” he said. “Not a chance.”

Blattnig was in court in Nelson on Feb. 2 for the continuation of arraignment. His court date was set on that day.


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