John Hart Project named P3 Project of the Year

Generating Station Replacement is getting a lot of attention

The John Hart Generating Station Replacement Project has been getting a lot of attention, not only in our area, but from around the world.

As if to reinforce that, last month the project received not only first place in its category, but also the overall award for best North American P3 (public private partnership) project of the year at an awards ceremony in New York.

The project was nominated in the Best Waste/Energy/Water Project category in the second annual P3 Awards, and not only won that category, but also received the Judges Award for Projects Grand Prix – the event’s top prize.

“We believe the recognition was mainly for the innovative design, maintenance work period (and coordinated with BC Hydro crews), working with the community/business community support, to project financing,” BC Hydro said in its latest project report. “BC Hydro and SNC Lavalin are proud to receive this award.”

Mayor Andy Adams had high praise for the project after hearing of the award, as well.

“The City of Campbell River has and continues to be very supportive of the John Hart project,” he says, “and to hear it has received the highest recognition for a P3 project in North America is fantastic,” adding that between that project and the new hospital getting similar prestigious awards and recognition – it won Silver in Best Social Infrastructure Project at these same awards, in fact – “they are really putting Campbell River on the map internationally.”

Construction on the John Hart Generating Station Replacement project is scheduled to continue through 2018 and into 2019 and cost $1.093 billion.

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