Jail time for overly aggressive panhandlers

Pair guilty of robbery after victim failed to produce ‘enough’ money to satisfy thieves

Two overly aggressive panhandlers are behind bars after being sentenced for robbing a man who was also stabbed while sitting in his car at the Carvolth Bus Exchange in November 2014.

On Oct. 29, in Surrey Provincial Court, Amanda Visona, 30, was sentenced to six months in jail, 18 months probation and a 10-year firearm (weapons) ban.

Her partner, 27-year-old Justin White, was handed 21 months in jail, followed by 18 months probation.

Both were found guilty of robbery. Originally the couple, were charged with assault with a weapon as well.

On Nov. 7, 2014, at around 7 p.m. the two panhandlers approached the victim, who was sitting in his parked vehicle, and asked him for money. He gave them some money, however it apparently wasn’t enough. White is alleged to have stabbed the man in the arm and demanded more, police said at the time.

As the two men struggled for the victim’s wallet, Visona rummaged through the vehicle for additional “loot,” said police.

Once the male suspect had removed the remaining money from the wallet, the pair ran westbound toward 200 Street.

Police dogs followed a scent trail to an abandoned home just west of the bus loop. However, the suspects were not located at that time, said police.

Through information sharing and a co-operative effort within the detachment, two people were suggested as possible suspects.

The officers’ suspicions were confirmed when fingerprints were developed from inside the vehicle.

It was determined the impressions belonged to Visona and White. Both are known to police.

Langley Times