Internet ‘friend’ scams $35K from Langley couple

Warning issued by Langley RCMP

  • Dec. 7, 2020 12:00 a.m.

Just when you thought you had heard of every scam out there….

Recently, Langley RCMP received a report of a couple who had been scammed over the internet for over $35,000. In this particular scam, the online swindler befriends the victim while playing an online game (ie. Words with Friends). After a modicum of trust is established, the discussion morphs into a purchase of a significant amount of gold.

The Langley couple sent two transfers for the gold and shipping. Now, the swindler wants more cash and there is no gold forthcoming.

In this instance, the swindler stated he was in Australia. It is difficult to know exactly where in the world he / she is located.

Here’s the bottom line according to Langley RCMP: Never send money to individuals you have never met in person.

If you suspect a scam:

· Stop communicating with the person immediately

· Talk to someone you trust about the circumstances

· Contact your financial institution

· Contact the police

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