(Phil McLachlan - Keremeos Review)

(Phil McLachlan - Keremeos Review)

In photos: Keremeos students reach milestone

A gallery of graduation ceremonies at Similkameen Elementary Secondary School, Thursday June 25

  • Jun. 29, 2020 12:00 a.m.

Class of 2020 graduates at Similkameen Elementary Secondary School crossed the stage on Thursday, June 25, signifying the end of their high school education.

Students were spaced two meters apart, and although there were no audience members physically there, hundreds tuned in to the online stream.

Speeches went as planned, some pre-recorded, some live. After students crossed the stage and received their Dogwood Certificate, they reminisced on memories from the past, concluding the ceremonies with a cap toss in the field outside.

Family members watched from the fence and honked their vehicle horns in celebration as the grads threw their caps in the air.

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