Improvement in grad rates for students with Aboriginal ancestry

Highlights from the Education Partnership Committee meeting of Feb. 9, 2016

Improvement in grad rates for students of Aboriginal ancestry

It was recently announced by the Minister of Education that there has been an overall improvement in grad rates for students ofAboriginal decent. It was cited of School District 10 “The six-year completion rates in Arrow Lakes, Coquitlam, Vancouver IslandWest, Fort Nelson and Revelstoke were over 90%.” SD 10 would like to thank the Aboriginal Education Council for their leadershipin this work, along with the Director of Learning, and the Aboriginal Education Support teachers.

Solar Energy Challenge

A senior student from NSS and a class from Lucerne have taken up the challenge. Students will be able to access graphs and datadigitally connected to the solar grid panels, and can integrate their math, science, and social responsibility skills while trackingthe systems at both schools. Culminating presentations made by allclasses involved will be presented to the EducationPartnership Committee of the board in June. Students will be able to examine renewable energy systems, and makerecommendations to the board on the next steps in energy savings, and investigate the costs and benefits of solar energydependent on the amount of kw solar panels installed.

Lucerne wiring upgrade

Wiring at Lucerne School continues with a brief baby hiatus. School District 10 would like to congratulate its IT Manager, PatrickMartin, and his wife, Megan, on the birth of their baby, Everly.

Public Meeting with Jan Unwin and Maureen Dockendorf on Tuesday, Feb. 23rd at the Bonnington Arts Centre

School District 10 invites the community to attend their Regular Board meeting to hear Jan Unwin, Superintendent of Graduationand Transitions, and Maureen Dockendorf, Superintendent of Early Years as they discuss the renewed K-9 curriculum andpossible changes in assessment and reporting as well as draft Grade 10-12 curricular changes. The meeting will be taking placeat the Bonnington starting at 7 p.m.


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