Hope waning for lost Parksville kitten

Food left out at SPCA to temp it back went untouched

She isn’t certain, but Nadine Durante doesn’t think the sustained and repeated efforts of both staff and volunteers to find a kitten dropped off at the SPCA shelter will end up having a happy ending.

The shelter manager said the kitten, dropped off in an unsecure box last Sunday, hasn’t been seen for several days, leading her to suspect the worst.

“The staff and volunteers have gone out repeatedly to look for it, but we haven’t had any sightings for several days now,” she said. “I’m afraid this isn’t going to have a good outcome.”

She noted that food left out to tempt the kitten also hasn’t been touched.

The staff have been out for hours and hours and they’re really upset,” she said.

Durante reiterated her call for people who have cats they can’t take care of to first try to find a home for the animal themselves and, failing that, to drop it off at the shelter during its hours of operation, rather than in the dark of night.

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