Honda thief strikes in North Langley

Honda thief strikes in North Langley

Someone in Langley is taking a lot of Honda Civics.

A recent rash of car thefts in Langley saw a dozen Honda Civics stolen over a two-day period recently.

Over the course of February, there has been a steep increase in the thefts of older-model Civics, said Cpl. Holly Largy, spokesperson for the Langley RCMP.

A full dozen cars were stolen over two nights in the Walnut Grove area, on Monday and Tuesday, Largy said.

Police are investigating but are not publicly saying if they have a suspect or suspects.

Meanwhile, the RCMP are encouraging people to try to secure their vehicles as much as possible to make the thief’s job more difficult.

The Honda Civic is the most-stolen car in the province according to ICBC, followed by the Honda Accord.

To help keep your car safer, Largy suggests:

• Park in a secure, well-lit area near pedestrian traffic, with doors and windows locked.

• If possible, park in your garage or driveway overnight

• Use an anti-theft device with older vehicles, whether an electronic engine immobilizer, an alarm, a steering wheel lock, or a wheel boot.

• Don’t store a spare key in the vehicle.

• Wait for garage door gates to close behind you so thieves can’t get in to condo or public parking facilities

• Finally, if you see someone suspicious lurking around vehicles, Largy encourages residents to call the police.


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