Hepner wants to take aim at shooters’ wallets

Sisyphus’s eternal reward was to roll a huge rock up a hill only to see it crash down again. And repeat. That’s Greek mythology.

Surrey’s reality, at least lately, shares some similarity. As police make headway in their investigations related to 36 local shootings since the beginning of March, at least at this time of writing, the Linda Hepner See FOCUS > page 8 shootings keep piling up. This past weekend saw two more.

Police believe 18 of the shootings are linked to a diala-dope drug turf war waged in Surrey and, to a lesser extent, North Delta.

Clearly, the biggest challenge is how to get those alleged to have been involved in the shootings, who have snubbed police, to co-operate.

Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner and police investigators are struggling to find ways to loosen lips. During a press conference this week, Hepner said she will speak with the attorney general about making shooting victims who refuse to co-operate with police pay their own hospital bills.

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