Hearing aid needed, not PR person

Cobble Hill – It appears that a number of our regional directors are unaware of the final outcome of the Eco Depot. This is disquieting.

To be on record at a regional district board meeting opining that “had the public only known” appears either disingenuous or simply a failure to understand that a private citizen requested a legal judgment regarding a CVRD bylaw.

I doubt that the judge who made the decision really cared whether the proposed use was described as an Eco Depot, a transfer station with garbage privileges, a drop off, a mini-Bings’ Creek, a dump, or a place to recycle Aunt Hepsibah’s tea bags. In this instance, the CVRD was wrong.

CVRD spent over $1 million in taxes on this little fiasco, and still owns that half of the property that is a hay field in summer and a duck pond in winter. We have knowledgeable, experienced, educated people living in the Cowichan Valley. Many of them are very willing to share their expertise. The CVRD should, in good faith, work with its citizens.

Rather than considering a communications officer, it would seem that certain regional directors would derive more benefit from a hearing aid.

Lavonne Huneck

Cobble Hill

Cowichan Valley Citizen