Halloween night a quiet one for Creston RCMP

"Very few problems" on Halloween night, says Creston RCMP staff sergeant; 52 calls for police over last week...

Staff Sgt. Darryl Hammond said he was impressed with his first Halloween since moving to Creston.

“It was very quiet and there were very few problems despite the number of people out on the streets,” Hammond said on Monday. “It’s great that young people can have fun without causing problems for others.”


Police Beat

Creston RCMP responded to a total of 52 calls for service from Oct. 26-Nov. 1, Hammond said.

October 26

•A business in the 1600 block of Highway 3A reported getting a request from a “customer” that would vastly overpay for services with a cheque, asking that the bulk of the overpayment be paid out in cash to an individual. The business did not fall for the scam.

•A gun was found in a recently vacated residence in the 4900 block of Highway 3A.

•A female, who police believe to be mentally ill, made threats in Erickson.

•When police checked on a vehicle reported to be suspicious in the 1500 block of Cook Street they found the driver was waiting for someone to deliver money so he could purchase gas.

•A person who attempted to open the door of a residence in the 1100 block of Erickson Road was gone when police arrived.

October 27

•Police were called about an ongoing neighbours’ dispute involving harassing messages in the Lister area.

•A two-car collision on Canyon-Lister Road at 12th Street resulted in a minor injury to a vehicle occupant.

•A dispute over scooter parts led to a theft complaint from the 300 block of 16th Avenue North.

•A suspicious male in a business on 10th Avenue North was gone when police arrived on the scene.

•A caller reported that she heard a thud while talking on the telephone and asked police to check on the well-being of the person she was talking to. The female in question was fine.

October 28

•Charges against a male are pending following an assault during a family dispute on Evans Road.

•A new resident to Wynndel reported a theft that took place in Alberta.

•Two males reported to be staggering along Highway 21 at Kootenay River Road were not located.

•A vehicle that was parked and blocking a driveway in the 200 block of 19th Avenue South was towed.

•Police received two reports about an intoxicated male in the 16th Avenue North area. He was located and arrested, then held in police cells until sober.

•Police are investigating an assault in the Kitchener area.

October 29

•A vehicle collided with a bear in the 4000 block of Highway 3.

•A vehicle passed a stopped school bus on Highway 3/95.

•A Yahk male reported to be missing was found to be out hunting.

•Creston RCMP assisted Lethbridge police with an investigation.

•Mischief to a well was discovered on Stace Road when the owners found plastic bags had been dropped down the hole.

October 30

•An unwanted guest in the form of an intoxicated male was reported in the 400 block of 16th Avenue North.

•No injuries resulted from a vehicle fire on 15th Avenue North.

•A Lakeview-Arrow Creek Road resident reported that someone was putting garbage into his bin.

•A vehicle went out of control and into the ditch near the junction of Highways 3 and 3A.

October 31

•A complaint about a vehicle passing unsafely on Highway 3/95 was received.

•A possibly impaired driver was reported in a parking lot in the 1000 block of Northwest Boulevard.

•A male found lying in the alley near 10th Avenue North was found to be extremely intoxicated and transported to hospital.

•Two intoxicated males were found on 15th Avenue North. One was given a ticket for having open liquor and they were sent home.

•Charges are pending against a male following a domestic incident in the 1500 block of Vancouver Street. The same male was reported the next day to have damaged a picnic table.

November 1

•When police responded to a report of a break and entry in a Canyon Street alley they found the suspects were cleaners.

•A driver reported to be tailgating and driving erratically in the 300 block of Helen Street was located and issued a ticket.

•A male who asked police for a ride home to Kitchener was refused. He then informed police he was wanted on an arrest warrant. He was arrested and held in cells.

•Police were called to a landlord-tenant dispute in the 400 block of 16th Avenue South.

•An intoxicated male who was down on the ground on Sixth Avenue North now faces charges of breaching his court conditions.

•An Alberta driver reported to be speeding and passing unsafely in the 4000 block of Highway 3 was given a warning.

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